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We distribute Volkl tennis products throughout Canada

Konrad Gasiorek and Mathieu Quézel-St-Pierre are the founders of MK Distribution. This company distributes Volkl tennis products throughout the Canadian territory. Their competitive advantage lies in the diversity of their product lines, on new technologies that increase players performances and on eye-catching designs that make them stand out from the competition. Check out the catalog or go to the retailers section to find out where you can purchase them.


We encourage players and coaches with personalized sponsorships

Ether you aspire to be the next Roger Federer, or you want to help your players to get to the professional level, we encourage you by customizing sponsorships according to your level of play, your influence as a tennis figure, your level of certification and your experience in the field. Click on the button bellow to request a sponsorship and send the form back to your territory sales representative.


Find Volkl products at a retailer near you

MK Distribution is actively reaching out to potential retail partners for them to carry Volkl tennis products. Visit your nearest sports store, contact us for more details or use our store locator by click the button below.

Our Mission

As tennis professionals, we know the value of quality products and services

Our extensive experience in the tennis industry as players, coaches and business administrators helps us understand customer needs. We thrive on providing clients with quality products and services by using effective communication channels and adapting our services to their wants. We value your feedback and our team is always there to serve you. 

“Love the racquets and the strings. Haven’t played with a soft polyester in a while. Their products combined with a strong effort for customer service really makes them stand out!”


Tennis Coach

Happy Customers

Bringing quality customer service and peace of mind 

“Unbelievable quality products! 5 star service. Regardless of Volkl’s exposure in Canada, the quality of their racquets truly sold me. Curious to know what the future holds for Volkl tennis.”

Kristian Varkov

Tennis Player

“Slightly skeptical of Volkl since I don’t know the brand much, but after trying the V1 Classic, I was sold on the quality of the products. Amazing how comfortable this racquet plays!”

Johanne Dubois

Interclub Player

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