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We distribute Volkl tennis products and offer teaching lessons at schools

Konrad Gasiorek and Mathieu Quézel-St-Pierre are the founders of MK Distribution. This company distributes Volkl tennis products throughout Canada. This brand’s competitive advantage lies in the diversity of their product lines, on new technologies that increase the products’ performances and on eye-catching designs.

Konrad Gasiorek and Mathieu Quézel-St-Pierre employ and train young tennis coaches to provide teaching classes at elementary schools on pedagogical days and for after-school program. They also organize special camp weeks on holidays and on school’s special requests. Visit them here for more information.


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MK Distribution

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As tennis professionals, we know the value of quality products and services

Our extensive experience in the tennis industry as players, coaches and business administrators helps us understand customer needs. We thrive on providing clients with quality products and services by using effective communication channels and adapting our services to their wants. We value your feedback and our team is always there to serve you. 

“Love the racquets and the strings. Haven’t played with a soft polyester in a while. Their products combined with a strong effort for customer service really makes them stand out!”



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Bringing quality and peace of mind is our mission

“Unbelievable! 5 star service. Regardless of Volkl’s exposure in Canada, the quality of their racquets truly sold me. Curious to know what the future holds for Volkl tennis.”

Kristian Varkov


“We couldn’t be more pleased with the quality of their service. They are truly passionate about what they offer. It’s palpable! We love working with them and having them as part of our team!”

Genesis Elementary



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