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1. What if I can't create an account or access my user profile?

Please contact us by email or phone so we can quickly help you recover your account.

After an inactivity session on your account, it may be inactive. You need to contact us to reactivate your account.

2. I would like MK Distribution to be able to offer its activities at my child's school.  How can you offer them?

All you have to do is email us and contact your school management. We will then take the necessary steps to offer our activities at your child’s school!


1. Who is responsible for the quality of teaching during the activities offered at my child's school?

The provider offering the activity takes a large part responsibility for the quality of the teaching during the activities offered at your school. The other part goes to MK Distribution. The two parties communicate with each other in order to maintain the quality of these.

3. Who should I talk to about a problem that arises during an activity?

First, please contact MK Distribution by email or not phone. Following the support of your request, MK Distribution will open a coupon in order to make the necessary checks and remedy the situation. 

2. What steps is MK Distribution taking to maintain the quality of education?

MK Distribution remains in constant communication with the school administrators present at your school in order to be aware of any event that could lead to a drop in quality. MK Distribution then contacts the relevant supplier to remedy the problem. MK Distribution ensures that the solution has been applied by contacting the parties concerned; school administrators/providers/parents/animators. If the problem persists, a liaison agent sent by MK Distribution travels to the school with the problem resolved as soon as possible. MK Distribution is also proactive in emailing parents and school administrators to review their comments.

Price and Tax Credit

1. Do you offer discounts for the registration of more than one child?

Definitely. A 5% discount per additional registration is granted. For example, for a $100 event, the first child registration fee is $100, and $95 for each additional child.

3. Are discounts on the number of children registered and the amount of activities chosen accumulating?

Yes, the discounts are cumulative.

2. Do I receive a discount if I register my children for more than one activity in the same session?

Yes, an additional discount of 5% is granted to the registration price of each additional activity. For example, you paid full price for the first registration and if the second activity is $100, you paid $95 for it.

4. Can I use MK Distribution receipts as a tax credit?

Yes, please use tax receipts filed before December 31, 2020 for the return filed in 2021. You can collect your receipts by accessing your account online. Please contact us by email for any questions about tax receipts.



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