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We are working hard to become the number one organization that provides activities for educational establishments, parents and sports institutions in the Laval region. We also plan to expand our services in the Montreal area as well as elsewhere in Quebec.

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We seek to inspire children to participate in all kinds of activities in order to develop their physical, intellectual and artistic aptitudes. We also want to reduce the workload of school administrators by providing them with a turnkey service.

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Konrad and Mathieu have been in the tennis world as players and teachers since a very young age. Their passion for the sport and their desire to make it more accessible to young people led them to the creation of EcoTennis, a company offering tennis as an extracurricular activity in the Laval region. After a few years in the school environment, the founders earned an excellent reputation not only for the quality of their teaching, but also for their strength in business management. They are known for their professionalism with school administrators, their quality service to parents and their teaching skills with children. Konrad and Mathieu also understand the importance of improving their skills, thus their continuation in their studies in business administration. Following the success of this project, a growing demand for activities managed by the founders of EcoTennis arose in 2019. To answer the call, the two young entrepreneurs created MK Distribution, a company specializing in the management of all sports, intellectual and creative activities offered in schools. They want to reduce the business management burden of school administrators by providing them with a turnkey service. The founders also modernize the registration process by offering it online. Don’t hesitate to contact them for any suggestions for improvement. They are always open to your criticisms and suggestions!


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